What Does Dermatology Specialists Do? 

You might already know that dermatologists are healthcare experts who specialize in the care and treatment of the skin, nails, and hair. Like doctors, they are qualified to treat certain conditions affecting these body parts. They may use cosmetic, medical, and surgical procedures to provide treatment to patients.  

While it is true that certain dermatological conditions don’t need healthcare intervention because they may possibly resolve on their own, it is important that you consult with these experts in case your condition gets worse by the day. Dermatologists can provide non-invasive therapies to ensure that you get the best treatment possible. Most of the treatments offered by dermatologists are done in an outpatient setting.  

Medical Procedures Done by Dermatologists 

If you go to a dermatological clinic for a consultation, then the dermatologist will physically assess your condition before requesting more procedures. More often than not, these are the diagnostic procedures that they recommend:  

1. Biopsy  

Skin biopsies are required to rule out some known skin conditions. The most common types of skin biopsy performed are shave biopsy, punch biopsy, and excision biopsy. With shave biopsy, a small section of the skin top layer is removed. For punch biopsy, a deeper layer will be taken by making a small circular incision. Excision biopsy requires the removal of the entire skin that has an abnormality. 

2. Excision of Lesions  

If you have skin lesions, then it will have to be excised by the dermatologist for different reasons. Some want them removed due to aesthetic or cosmetic reason. Others require the procedure so that the symptoms of the condition can be alleviated or to keep the disease from spreading. Depending on the extent of the lesion, general or local anaesthesia may be required.  

3. Mohs Surgery  

Mohs surgery is a specific procedure performed on patients suffering from skin cancer. Here several layers of the skin have to be removed and analyzed to help the experts determine how to eliminate the cancer cells. Not all dermatologists can perform this procedure as it requires additional training and expertise.  

4. Laser surgery 

Laser surgery is quite popular these days. Here, a dermatologist uses a laser light beam to treat certain skin issues. The most common conditions addressed are moles, tattoos, warts, scars, birthmarks, unwanted hair, and wrinkles.  

5. Skin flaps and grafts  

If you have missing skin in certain parts of your body due to accident or injury, a skin graft may be performed to address the situation. Skin is usually grafted from body tissues without blood supply. Sometimes, a flap is created from the tissues near the area where the skin is lost.  

6. Vein therapy  

There are certain conditions wherein you need to get rid of certain veins for cosmetic reasons. To address spider veins, dermatologists will shut out the vein by irritating it so it becomes less distinct. Oftentimes, they completely disappear from under your skin.  

These are just a few of the procedures that dermatology specialists can do for you. If you think you need their help, don’t hesitate to consult with them very soon.